By now you’ve heard of the Forecastle Festival which features national artists on the Waterfront each July. You’ve also probably heard of Poorcastle – a festival for the rest of us which features all local artists the week before Forecastle. But have you heard of SheCastle which features all women artists? Well now you have! We spoke with Jyn Yates, one of the organizers of the first annual SheCastle which will take place Sunday, July 21st from 2:30 to 9:30 pm at Air Devils Inn. See the list of performers below.

What is SheCastle and who’s organizing it?
Jyn: Elaine Hertweck (of MERF & formerly of the Louisville Blues Society and currently running ALL Louisville Music Booking) and I are organizing the She Castle event.

What were your thoughts in creating this event?
I had an idea to do a benefit for women in Louisville and wanted to feature local musicians of all musical genres and styles. Plus we had an idea for an all women’s band backing the singers ala Michfest etc. So we created the event on the tails of Forecastle and PoorCastle to feature women musicians raising money for a women’s charity organization.

Who does it benefit and why these particular organizations were your picks?
This event will benefit two organizations, Girls Rock Louisville and Successful Living, which is a women’s homeless transitional home, helping women and children get sober and find a place to live. Wanted to focus on women’s homelessness since we have a huge homeless problem in the city and I myself have nearly been homeless about three times in my life so it’s a cause close to my heart. As is Girls Rock Louisville.

Will this be an annual event?
Yes, the plan is to make this an annual event. Hopefully next year, since we have had an amazing response thus far with artists and groups and band members, we would like to expand and include even more women. The event is Sunday, July 21st at Air Devils INN (they offered space and need help too so bonus it helps everyone involved!)


The all female house band, “That’s What She Said” will provide all music and will feature 11 amazing vocalist queens!

Jyn Yates – a Hillbilly Swagger groove
Liz Allman — takin rhythm up a notch
Salena Filchia – thumpin that bass
Donna Bivens – shreddin licks on guitar
Jessica Bullock – ticklin the ivories

Your emcee for the evening is the wonderous DERBY CITY DIVA!

The vocal Queens of SheCastle this year are:

Tanita Gaines
Troubadours of Divine Bliss
Robbie Bartlett
Kimmet Cantwell
Tiffany Lynn Puckett
Sherry Edwards
Lynny Prince
LaToye Montgomery
Carla Reisert
Marjorie Marshall
Georgia Phillips
Katy Rene
Rebecca Osborne

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.