The first thing that grabs you are their powerful voices. Comprised of twins Daniel and David and their younger sister Julia, Bailen proves that there truly is something about sibling harmonies. It’s in their blood. The New York trio was heavily influenced by their classically-trained parents’ diverse record collection. Their love of language and inspiration from literature fuel their collaborative songwriting. Prior to 2016, there was not much music to be found online from the band, except for a single song on SoundCloud. Fast forward to 2018, after releasing a few more singles, the band was selling out venues across the country. Their powerful debut album, Thrilled To Be Here, has been met with critical acclaim. We fell in love with the band upon hearing their song, I Was Wrong.

We were fortunate to have the band stop by the studio for a performance last time they came through town, and they blew us away. You’ll be able to catch their magic tonight (6/13) appearing with Hozier at the Iroquois Amphitheater. This is Bailen, The Opening Act!

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