In no particular order, here’s a few things we think you should know about singer-songwriter Ben Dickey. He’s one of Arkansas’s great musical exports. A self-taught musician, he first starting touring the country at 17 with his punk-rawk band Shake Ray Turbine. At the age of 19 he was Barbara Streisand’s bodyguard for 26 hours. He claims to be a distant relative of Johnny Cash. Emphasis on DISTANT. Ben is close family friends with the Clinton’s. Emphasis on CLOSE. Yes, THOSE Clintons: Bill, Hillary and Chelsea. He’s a chef and has worked in professional kitchens for 18 years. He’s 6’4 and wears a size 15 shoe. He recently won Sundance Film Festival’s award for Achievement in Acting. It was his first ever acting role, starring as Blaze Foley in the Ethan Hawke directed biopic BLAZE, about the outlaw country legend. And then there’s his music. His latest album, Glimmer On The Outskirts, is getting rave reviews. And you can see why this Wednesday (4/10) at Headliners where he will be appearing with Hayes Carll. Need further persuasion? Check out this latest single, I Think It’s All Different. This is Ben Dickey, The Opening Act!

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