In the late nineteenth century, Dan Griffith, a freed slave, moved to a log cabin on Old Harrod’s Creek Road. The area, near Berrytown and Anchorage became known as Griffytown in his honor.

That’s where Louisville based, original folk music duo Katy Rene Quinn and Rebecca Osborne take their band name from. Theirs is a musical marriage, performing as griffytown. They share original songs and stories that focus on life, love, wellness and intention.

You can catch the harmonies of griffytown on Wednesday, December 26 at Headliners. It’s a night of Louisville music featuring Joan Osborne (Rebecca’s sister) and Bridge 19.

Check out their song, Victor, a story about addiction, trauma, and the ultimate victory over them. It’s a call-out to the VICTOR in all of us. This is griffytown, The Opening Act!

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Catch The Opening Act every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10:00 AM

John is the mid-morning host on WFPK.