We’ve collaborated with our sister station 90.5 WUOL for hands-on music-making at every WFPK Waterfront Wednesday with the Classical Corner. As a part of our education outreach, Louisville Public Media hosted Shelby County Public Schools’ 2019 spring break music camp. Lily Jasper was with this group, visiting to learn about careers in music. We made a friendly contest out of their projects and the class voted her article as a winner. Lily attended her first WFPK Waterfront Wednesday in May and gives plenty of reasons why you should attend the next. (all photos by Lily Jasper)

WFPK Waterfront Wednesday
Waterfront Fun For Everyone (Told By A Teenage First Timer)
by Lily Jasper

Fun on the Water… for FREE!
The summer is a great time to try new things and enjoy the outdoors, but it can be hard to find something to do, especially for a reasonable price. However, WFPK Waterfront Wednesday is a delightful and affordable event hosted the last Wednesday of every month. This past May, I went to my first WFPK Waterfront Wednesday and was amazed by how many things there were for me to experience and enjoy. As soon as I pulled up to the waterfront I could hear the music pumping, inviting me to come closer and got a sweet whiff of fresh funnel cakes I was dying to try. Within minutes after arriving I was already dancing along to the local music, enjoying incredible comfort food, and even learning how to play a violin!

Food and Drinks

Lily Jasper

WFPK Waterfront Wednesday is incredible in that the program offers a variety of food and drinks for a very low price. They have food trucks offering food anywhere from barbecue to gyros to the best funnel cake I’ve ever had! As someone who absolutely loves food I was glad to see how many options I was given. There was something there for everyone, even for all my picky eaters out there who need a lot of options. And even though the event is very kid friendly, they also have a wide selection of alcohol you can purchase, for all the adults. If you are looking to save money, another spectacular thing about the food department for the event is that they allow you to bring your own food and drinks (no glass containers). Although, the food they have to offer is absolutely amazing if I do say so myself!


Lily Jasper

Kid’s Corner

As I mentioned before, WFPK Waterfront Wednesday includes activities for all ages by having something they call the WUOL Classical Corner. As someone on the younger side I was immediately drawn to the activities that were presented but was surprised and glad to see people enjoying the classical corner from ages 5 to 85! What drew me was the incredible drum circle that I could instantly hear when I arrived. I decided to join in and had a great time making music with new people. WUOL even offered to teach me violin in the kid’s corner. This was something I never thought I would do but now, I know the basics of violin. Each Waterfront Wednesday the activities change making everyone, especially me, want to keep going back for more fun!

Local Music!

Lily Jasper

Now for the star of WFPK Waterfront Wednesday; the local artists that come and perform. The performers at the Waterfront when I went were Dylan LeBlanc, Adia Victoria, and Bridge 19. All three sets blew me away with both their music and stage presence. I was shocked by the variety of genres and diversity of sounds that were performed throughout the show. Every single aspect of Waterfront Wednesday proved itself to be accommodating to the tastes and preferences of nearly everyone who may want to attend. I found myself thoroughly enjoying styles of music I normally wouldn’t have listened to. The event is a great way for people to learn about new artists and help said artists jump start their careers. My first experience at Waterfront Wednesday was one that introduced me to new things and gave me an inexpensive way to enjoy a Wednesday Night. The scenery, food, activities, and most of all, the music, were delightful and gratifying leaving me excited for the next WFPK Waterfront Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

Stacy is the WFPK Program Director.