CPHR DVN (Cypher Divine) will be releasing their newest single, Merkaba worldwide at
Midnight on August 5th, 2020. The inspiration behind Merkaba was at the beginning of the worldwide pandemic and subsequent shutdown. The duo explored the idea of using their own personal light vehicle or Merkaba to navigate through the matrix. Merkaba was produced by CPHR DVN’s own Wize Mathematiks. The music bed is littered with ethereal vibes bringing the listener on a meditative journey. Sultra offers a ride in her Merkaba during the chorus section. “Hop in my Merkaba, whats up… somebody said that we won’t make it, 5th dimension’s a hop skip and a jump, this space is ours for us to take it.”

“Merkaba was written and recorded during the 2020 pandemic and subsequent shutdown. Merkaba explores the esoteric knowledge behind Ezekiel’s Wheel, achieving the light body and traveling through space in one’s own personal Merkaba or even the Merkaba of one’s lover. Through personal enlightenment it is said that one can reach a state of ascension and travel in your own personal starship. Due to today’s world events and challenges, CPHR DVN explores this topic and its utilization as a tool to navigate through the matrix.” – Wize Mathematiks

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.