In the Studio

Drive-By Truckers co-lead, Patterson Hood, speaks with Kyle Meredith about the band’s latest LP, The Unraveling. The Athens, GA group found themselves writing what is possibly their darkest record, an unintended follow up to 2016’s American Band that survey’s the political landscape in real time. Hood talks about the difficulty of explaining headline moments to his kids, from school shootings to our own government putting babies in cages. We hear how the song 21st Century USA became a turning point in his writing, the ridiculous nature of “flat-earthers,” and the extremely important need to get Mitch McConnell out of government, as well as the lighters side of recording in Sam Phillips’ Memphis studio and making music to match the lyrics in the way you’d score a film.

Listen to the interview above and then check out the videos below!

Kyle is the WFPK Music Director.