Since it’s initial release in 2018, GRLwood’s “I’m Yer Dad” has had quite the ride after recently becoming a viral hit with 90,000 TikTok videos featuring the song and racking up 1.5 million streams on Spotify, and is currently sitting at #5 (as of this writing) on the USA Viral 50 chart. Of the sudden attention, singer-guitarist Rej Forester writes: “Seeing I’m yer dad go viral makes us scoopda poop and do the humptyhumpfunk all dingdong day. We love all our fans so much, please send memes.”

The Louisville duo have been busy scoring the upcoming film, Roommate Wanted, which just happens to also feature this happy little tune. Forester continues, “We had never before been involved in the making of a film, and were really nervous, but everyone on set was super supportive and nice!” Check out a sneak peek of the movie that shows the band performing from the bottom of an empty swimming pool during a late-night party full of what looks like debauchery-seeking twenty-somethings. Content Advisory: Mature Language

Kyle is the WFPK Music Director.