Silver Spoons is a three piece indie pop-rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. Silver Spoons is comprised of Gabe Riggs on guitar, keys, and vocals, Luke Lyons on bass, and Jordan Smith on drums. They recently released a song of hope called “Overcome”.  Gabe explains more about the new song:

This year has been interesting to say the least. Division has never been higher. From COVID-19, politics, to racial tensions, there have never been more opportunities to divide us and have us feeling more isolated and alone.

During the process of recording “Coming For You”, the song “Overcome” came together suddenly. What started as more of an acoustic, singer-songwriter feel quickly turned into an electronic soundscape. I love how it still has the storyteller feel in the words though, which is atypical of electronic music. Surprisingly this also has some of my favorite guitar work in it as well. The delayed guitar on the chorus and also the big retro riff on the bridge added some wonderful texture and color to this song.

I think the best thing about “Overcome” is the timing in which it came to us. We are in this moment that can feel so dark and hopeless and with no clear end in sight. I love every word of this track, but my personal favorite is probably the very first line that just speaks life – “Awake your heart, and I’ll wake mine – They’ve been sleeping for the longest time.” I love the optimism in this sentiment and I think it sets the tone for the entire track.

“Overcome” is available on all streaming platforms.

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.