In the Studio

Lisa Loeb gives Kyle Meredith a call to discuss her latest album, A Simple Trick To Happiness, a record that finds the “Stay (I Miss You)” singer-songwriter back in the land of adult albums after spending the last few making children’s music. Loeb tells us what she brought over from her kids records to apply to this latest songwriting, making music that is more piano-driven, and finding a lot of inspiration in 70’s style music like Elton John and Carole King. The LP’s themes dive into a life examination, literally starting the record with the question “Should I be happy?,” but it’s also a collection not without sardonic humor – especially in “I Wanna go First” – which finds her recounting the ways she’d rather die first instead of watching a loved one go before her.

2020 also marks the 25th year of her major label debut, Tales, so we head back to 1995 to hear what that album’s making was like and how the single “Do You Sleep” was such a celebration of proof that she was more than a one-hit artist.

Listen to the interview above and then check out the videos below.

Kyle is the WFPK Music Director.