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We’ve finally gotten the first taste of Dan Croll’s highly anticipated third album, ‘Grand Plan‘, set to hit record store shelves August 21 via Communion. ‘So Dark’ is a bouncy pop tune that captures how he was feeling about moving from Liverpool to LA and the search to find his way in a new environment.

Dan describes the inspiration for the tune this way: “After a few months in LA I started to find my feet a little, but where I still lagged was on the social side of things. Everyone I met in LA seemed to be desperately happy, sugar coating everything, forcing humour out of fear to be seen as sad. It made me really miss home. It made me miss that dark British humour and the ability to laugh at yourself, no matter how bad it gets. ‘So Dark’ is about that search, and the moment that perseverance paid off to meet someone like minded.”

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