listen hear! spotlights a new track we love and think you will too.

New York-based artist, Gus Dapperton describes himself as a “producer first and foremost”, but is best known for creating clever, genre-bending songs. His latest single, “Post Humorous”, is a prime example; pairing deeply personal and reflective lyrics with an upbeat, catchy pop melody, using the creative songwriting process as a form of self-therapy.

He commented on that saying, “I don’t always make music to heal my own wounds but when I’m able to do so and reflect on those feelings, it’s a really gratifying feeling. It’s really gratifying to lock those demons away in a sonic form and access them at will whenever”.

The video for the song features Dapperton’s friends from around the world, each taking part in sharing lyrics from the track, including his sister Amadelle, photographer Jess Farran, skater Erik Arteaga, musicians Benee, Remi Wolf, Orion Sun, and Santi, plus many more.

We find both the song and the video extremely catchy and touching, and are looking forward to his upcoming album release, “Orca”, out September 18th via AWAL.

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