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Pottery have shared the psyche-tinged new song, ‘Hot Heater‘.  It appears on the Montreal band’s debut album, Welcome to Bobby’s Motel, which is out now via Partisan.

The band collectively had this to say about ‘Hot Heater’ in a press release: “While there are hints of environmental themes on this one, we mainly wanted to make a disco song with a robotic feeling, something that could be easily chanted. Austin was originally really interested in heat as a musical concept/feeling—some of the early album titles we threw around were Hot Hot Hot and Sun Fever—and there are a bunch of other heat references on the album [like previous single ‘Hot Like Jungle’]. In the studio he’d be joking around and yelling stuff at us like ‘let’s make it hot!’ right before a take. A lot of that didn’t end up totally sinking in, but some did…like on this song.”

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