Louisville band Silver Spoons has just released a new single called “Good Life”. The band is comprised of Gabe Riggs on guitar, keys, and vocals, Luke Lyons on bass, and Jordan Smith on drums. Here’s what Gabe Riggs, the primary songwriter, says about the new song:

“Good Life” was a very nostalgic song to write. When we are young, we have this sense of invincibility and that anything is possible. There is excitement and freedom in it, but also this lack of accountability and a misunderstanding of choice and consequence. When we put this song together we wanted to capture that fun, free spirit nature in the music. Both verses kind of relish in youthful naivety while the chorus is more of that future-self recognizing how wonderful, but also selfish youth can be. I enjoyed writing this and it was one of those songs you sit down and in 10 minutes its just done. One of my favorite lines is the bridge that says “This far from heaven, we can’t see how much that we’ve been given” which to me sums up the spirit of this song. The more removed from death we are, the more invincible we become, or at least feel.

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.