We were very happy to hear from our old friend Justin Paul Lewis for today’s Louisville Music COVIDiary. Justin has been making music for a long time now but we hadn’t heard anything from him in a while. He wanted to share a cover of one of his heroes today. Bill Withers is one of our favorites too, so… When asked how Justin has been doing he said:

The family and I moved into a new house during the beginning of the pandemic. I had been on a pretty strong songwriting hiatus, but being stuck at home has brought some inspiration in. Since his death, I have been humming Bill Withers tunes all day every day, so I thought I would send over my favorite of his :)

Listen to Justin perform “Heartbreak Road” by Bill Withers

Welcome to The Louisville Music COVIDiary, a web series that highlights our City’s amazing and talented musicians as they deal with the effects of the COVID19 Pandemic. Because of the forced closure of our music venues and other places for artists to perform, many musicians are left without much needed income and disconnected from their audiences and each other. In this series, we have asked musicians to send us their homemade music videos as a way to stay connected in this strange and uncertain time.

If you’d like to participate please upload your video to Youtube then send the link to Laura Shine at lshine@wfpk.org.

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.