The Louisville Music COVIDiary is proud to present the many talented musicians in our fair City and especially the many genres of music they offer.  Today’s entry comes from the Louisville brass band, Small Batch Brass. Lots of us have been humming this song in grocery stores and everywhere else people tend to gather during this time of social distancing. It was high time somebody covered it and Small Batch Brass doesn’t disappoint! “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police is the perfect social distancing song! Thanks guys!

“For us, it has been very difficult to not spend time together and play. This recording let us have a little fun again and play together, only from our homes.”

The band features Roger Levering and Bob Bertke on Trumpet, Colin Dorman on Horn, Chad O’Brien on Trombone, Adam Edwards on Tuba, and Quinn Blandford on Drums.

Welcome to The Louisville Music COVIDiary, a web series that highlights our City’s amazing and talented musicians as they deal with the effects of the COVID19 Pandemic. Because of the forced closure of our music venues and other places for artists to perform, many musicians are left without much needed income and disconnected from their audiences and each other. In this series, we have asked musicians to send us their homemade music videos as a way to stay connected in this strange and uncertain time.

If you’d like to participate please upload your video to Youtube then send the link to Laura Shine at lshine@wfpk.org.

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.