In the Studio

Sparta’s Jim Ward gives Kyle Meredith a call to discuss Trust The River, the band’s first record in over a decade. The former At The Drive-In member talks about the tightrope of making old fans happy with new sounds, looking back at Wiretap Scars to reflect on the pressure of leading a band and how that influenced future career choices, and ultimately taking control of his life with the importance of therapy and mental health in mind. Ward is also a restaurant owner finding himself twice as taxed on the COVID-19 epidemic and thus dissects the struggles he’s dealing with, but still carries optimism in the future and within the songs, as heard on “Miracle” and “Believe,” while giving thanks to Jimmy Eat World’s Jim Atkins as a sounding board and producer David Garza.

Listen to the interview above and then check out the tracks below.

Kyle is the WFPK Music Director.