Louisville artist and graduate of the Youth Performing Arts School, Anna Curreen released a great new song called “Affirmation”.  Here’s a bit more about Anna and the new song:

I graduated from YPAS in 2016 (majored in Musical Theatre), and then went to Furman University and received a BA in psychology, but I continued to perform during my four years there. I have been writing songs since I was 5 years old (my uncle recorded my first song when I was 5, and I’ve secretly been hooked on making music since!), and I just recently decided to start taking music more seriously to see if people enjoyed listening to my music. I wrote the music and lyrics to Affirmation, and it was almost completely self-produced in my bedroom! A producer named Jason Isaac (J. Isaac, as he’s known professionally), mastered the song for me though which was very helpful.

The song, Affirmation, lyrically is about struggling with mental health issues and navigating these mental health issues within romantic relationships. There is always a fear for me when I begin to date someone, because I realize I am going to have to open up and share what goes on in my head sometimes. That vulnerability often creates the desire to receive affirmation that I’m loved and accepted!

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.