The 2nd Annual Latin Music Awards Kentucky will be virtual this Sunday, November 22, 2020 on Youtube and Facebook at 8 pm for your viewing and listening pleasure! We spoke with President and Founder Israel Cuenca about this year’s awards and what to expect. Also, check out one of this year’s nominees for Best Latin Song “El Cambio Es Ya” by Magda Sanchez!

WFPK: What’s the history behind the Latin Music Awards KY? When and how did it begin?
Israel Cuenca: The first edition of the Latin Music Awards Kentucky started in 2019. We put together this program to award and recognize the best Latin artists in Kentucky, there is so much talent here and it was the perfect time to show to the world the talented Latin artists in Kentucky

Having to do the awards virtually this year, what all is involved in the production for such an undertaking?
It has been a challenge since everything has to be done in a virtual way, so the coordination, logistics, schedules, format is different and we needed to adapt to this “new” norm. It was a challenge, lots of hours but we were able to put it together to have a successful and fun awards

How did you get involved in the Latin Music Awards?
I had that idea a few years ago “to bring that to our state” and after I talked with some mentors, music and business partners & colleagues, family and an analysis of the music Latin market in Kentucky I decided that I wanted to take the lead in this effort.

What are you most excited about for this year’s show?
To show more than 50 artists, in 11 different categories, all of them with unique and amazing music skills, artists from all over Latin America who reside in Kentucky, you will find artists from Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and more with unique music styles and traditions.

What would you like for Kentuckians to know about our Latin Music community more than anything else?
That Latin music is a beautiful expression of so many cultures so much rich history and tradition and please support Latin artists in Kentucky, just listen to their music, videos and when possible attend their concerts, obviously not now due to COVID but hopefully in the future. This is the perfect event to virtually know more about them.

Magda Sanchez “El Cambio es Ya!”

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