Louisville rock trio The Ego Trippers have returned with the new single, “Baby, My Back Is Killing Me”. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had new music from them and I spoke with the bands’ front man, songwriter and guitarist Zac Anderson about the song what’s been up with the band.

“It’s been 3 or 4 years since we put anything out and our EP was written when we were so young so this is our first step into showing how we’ve become more serious as a band and as musicians. So while this is a stand-alone single I’d like to think it’s our statement that more is on the way.”

“This song was the quickest we’ve ever really written one. We were just jamming on that chord progression and Donnie had that sweet backbeat on this reggae, Clash-esque picking thing I was messing around with. The lyrics aren’t really about anything specifically. I just liked how they sounded phonetically and maybe my back hurt that day. We’ll never know.”

The song was mixed and mastered by Tom Curtis at Deadbird Recording Studio. Enjoy!

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