Music News Video

Sia, the unmistakable singer/songwriter, has announced a new album to accompany an upcoming film that she co-write and directed. The 2021 film, Music, was the direct inspiration for the 14-track collection of the same name.

A statement refers to Sia’s compositions as “integral to the story of the film as the characters examine the fragile bonds that hold us together and, through fantastical musical sequences, imagine a world where those bonds can be strengthened in times of great challenge.” It tells the story of an autistic teenager named Music (played by Maddie Ziegler), and her caregiver: her drug-dealing older sister (played by Kate Hudson).

Sia just released the single “Hey Boy” ahead of the release. Both the film and soundtrack are expected in February 2021. Check out the new lyric video and film trailer here!

Kyle Meredith recently spoke with Leslie Odom Jr., who also stars in the film Music, about the collaboration with Sia.