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Legendary LA punk band X took 27 years to release a new album, and 35 years since they had their original lineup in the studio, but Alphabetland is the ferocious comeback all of us have been hoping for.

Landing on the 40th anniversary of their landmark debut, Los Angeles, Alphabetland continues a tradition of taking aim at a broken system, calling out racism, class divide and gentrification, through a blaze of rockabilly guitar and pounding drums that take us on a journey across the entire United States.

The band also resurrected three older songs, two of which date all the way back to their beginnings, giving the LP a proper callback to the original moments that John Doe, Exene Cervenka, Billy Zoom, & DJ Bonebrake became one of the most important voices in music. We don’t expect it to be their last, but even if it is, it’d be a perfect closing chapter for X.

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