Louisville singer/songwriter Snug Lee has a new song to share for Valentine’s Day that’s a more reality-based take on love than most love songs are. It just came out today and is called “Fallen Love”. Snug Lee says about the song:

“It’s a song about what happens when a person makes their partner their functional savior. In this unfortunate dynamic, they place all of their burdens and shortcomings on their partner while never fully committing to care for that person’s needs or desires. In short, there’s a lack of reciprocity, and ironically the people who place their partner on a pedestal in this way begin to treat them more like an object to control and use rather than one to revere and love.

I know it’s been a crazy year, and it would be so nice to have a happy song to listen to about no-strings-attached love with no problems attached either, but that just doesn’t seem to be most people’s lived experience. Hence, this song is for those in relationally undesirable places (and we’ve all been there more than we’d like) who don’t want a song to swoon to as much as they want one to just be sad to.”

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.