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Blondie have released a long-lost holiday song you will no doubt recognize, but not because it’s a holiday standard!

The song “Yuletide Throwdown” was originally given away as part of a British magazine promotion in the form of a flexi-disc.

So why will the song sound familiar to you? Because it would eventually evolve into the classic tune, “Rapture”!

Blondie members rediscovered the track while they were putting together a boxed set that will be released next summer.

“Yuletide Throwdown” features Blondie vocalist Debbie Harry and Fab 5 Freddy trading vocals about Christmas and is part of an EP of the same name, with a vinyl version due November 5th.

Fab 5 Freddy explained the significance of their collaboration in a statement:

“In the beginning of my journey into pop culture, Chris (Stein) & Debbie were among the first to take me and my ideas about hip hop culture seriously and were like mentors to me shining a light along the road and assisting my quest. I’m happy after all this time the world can now hear this fun holiday tune we did way back then!”

Check out “Yuletide Throwdown” below, as well as the Cut Chemist remix…

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