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As I share at the beginning of the above podcast, this is as much a celebration of returning to view a movie in an actual theater, instead of at home, as it is of this fascinating Viktor Kossakovsky-directed documentary, “Gunda.”

Films are meant to be seen on a big screen.

So it was just a delight to be able to get back for the first time since the COVID hit.

This exquisitely shot and evocative documentary about farm animals showed at Speed Museum. It was one weekend only, but watch out for it when it streams. Not optimal viewing, but worth looking after.

And, there are a surfeit of interesting movies coming to that lovely venue, so check out the schedule at the website.

As for “Gunda.” How revelatory to view the culture and daily goings on of a sow and her piglets, some wary chickens, and the symbiotic nature of a group of cows. Lives we humans don’t normally consider.

Don’t be put off by the subject matter, this is a most creative cinematic endeavor.

For more details, listen to my podcast above.

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