In the Studio

Jordan McGraw on His Blink 182 Fandom, Writing with The Jonas Brothers, & His New Song About Matthew McConaughey

Jordan McGraw sits down with Kyle Meredith to talk about his newest singles and how the pandemic allowed him to readjust who he musically wanted to be, leaning into his coming-of-age bands like Blink 182, Green Day, Tina Turner, and Tears For Fears. The singer/songwriter talks about touring with The Jonas Brothers and co-writing “Her” with Nick Jonas, writing a song about Matthew McConaughey, and pop punk’s resurgence. McGraw also tells us about making a music video on the set of Wheel of Fortune and why some moms are calling him “an abomination and a menace to society.”

Watch the interview above and then check out the videos below.

Kyle is the WFPK Music Director.