Louisville blues band Laurie Jane & The 45’s have a new album coming out in the fall with a special twist: songs inspired by Laurie Jane and her husband/guitarist Cort Duggins’ journey to adopt a child. The single just released is called “Hallelujah and A Heartbreak” which certainly captures some of that up and down journey. From Laurie Jane:

Cort and I had been trying to adopt a child for 4 years. After so much disappointment we were finally matched to a birth mother in southern California. She had made the brave choice for us to adopt her then unborn baby. She was afraid, uncertain and alone. We went to California with high hopes but found ourselves afraid and alone with uncertainties all our own. Somehow between the three of us it all came together. We now have a beautiful daughter, Lila. The experience has had a profound effect on us, changing our lives and our hearts. Cort was moved to write several songs about our hopes, fears, let downs and joy. Those songs make up most of our upcoming album “Hallelujah and a Heartbreak” which will be complete this fall. The album’s title song and first single here was written by Cort in our hotel room overlooking Highway 10 during the days we waited hoping we would see it through.

Congratulations to the Duggins on their new addition and new album!

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.