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British soul artist Samm Henshaw’s single “All Good” is a joyful anthem that’s bound to lift your spirits. The soul and hip-hop inspired tune shares a message of staying calm rather than getting worked up about trivial things.

It was released in collaboration with Samsung Electronics UK,. “All Good” is inspired by a fan photo of someone rubbing a dog’s face, and Samm was challenged to write a song about it. Reflected in the single artwork, “All Good” is full of Samm’s charm, positivity and wit.

He added, “The fact it’s just a photo taken on someone’s Samsung phone, not knowing the how or why, and making it the start of my creative journey is an experience I’ve never had before. I’m so grateful to Samsung for this opportunity, it has opened my mind to new ways of songwriting and definitely something I would explore with future material.”

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John is the mid-morning host on WFPK.