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We now have a third version of the powerful Amythyst Kiah song “Black Myself.” We first heard the original from the Songs of Our Native Daughters record. Then came the amped-up rendition on Kiah’s award-winning solo album Wary + Strange. The latest, a hypnotic remix from electronic musician Moby, takes the song to yet another level.

From Amythyst: “I never imagined hearing ‘Black Myself’ as a club song, but leave it to Moby to make that happen. It’s such an honor, and he totally slayed this. As a big fan of dance music and remixes, I’m living for this!”

From Moby: “I really love working with talented artists like Amythyst who aren’t afraid to take on difficult subject matters while maintaining a level of musicality that is unique and all their own. When I heard ‘Black Myself’ I was immediately drawn into the themes, and the song’s overall grit.”   Enjoy:

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