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LA-based indie-folk singer/songwriter Azniv Korkejian, who records and performs as Bedouine, recently released her beautiful new album Waysides. The lead track, “The Solitude,” was inspired by a line from Joni Mitchell song and how well she was able to convey a mood. Korkejian explores that feeling further, delivering an intimate tune that has an early 70’s vibe.

“I was listening to Joni Mitchell’s ‘My Old Man’ and kept returning to the lyric ‘the bed’s too big, the frying pan’s too wide,’” Korkejian says of the new single. “I was so taken by that; conveying a feeling by describing a change in proportions. I wanted to expand on that and it became kind of an homage. Otherwise, it’s about the realization that I’m not impervious to codependencies or being in denial about them.”

The accompanying the retro-themed video was directed by Bedouine and Dre Babinski.

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