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“Golden” is the latest single from Los Angeles alt-pop singer/songwriter Zella Day. It’s incredibly catchy from the start, drawing you in with its disco beat, luminous harmonies and infectious chorus. The song will appear on Day’s forthcoming sophomore album, due for release this fall.

Says Day about the song, “The Genesis of ‘Golden’ happened as a tornado was tearing through Nashville and whispers of a global pandemic were evolving past a rumor. I was in Alabama writing with John Paul White as my phone was lighting up with messages from friends and family back home. I was supposed to drive back to Nashville that evening, but plans changed like the weather. In the stillness of the studio, ‘Golden’ was written communicating with powers beyond my control, expressing and coping with the magnitude of the situation by creating art; singing a melody into the moment to address its fragility and infinite beauty.“  Enjoy:

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