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And once again we have proof that 11 year-old Nandi Bushell is living a better life than the rest of us.

When the musical wunderkind isn’t jamming onstage with Foo Fighters or joining an all-star drum ensemble for charity, she’s fighting climate change with another gifted youngster.

Bushell joined Roman Morello— 10 year-old son of Rage Against the Machine‘s Tom Morello— on “The Children Will Rise Up,” which the kids wrote, with help from the elder Morello.

Bushell said in a statement:

“I am so proud of myself and Roman Morello for writing our EPIC song with Tom Morello! We hope you love it and we really hope our song helps raise awareness for climate change! After learning about climate change at school I wanted to help make a difference.

Featuring cameos from Roman’s dad, Jack Black and climate activist Greta Thunberg, Bushell handles vocals as well as drums, while Roman Morello positively shreds on guitar.

Proceeds from the song will benefit the climate organization SOS Pantanal Institute.

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