A new 7 piece band called Dinero Romero is making its debut today with a brand new song called “Laser Beam of Consciousness”. The band is made up of seasoned musicians from The Last Origin, Blind Feline, Brewing Pines, Punkin, and Dr. Robert. Formed by founding members Kenny Tayce (drums) and John Anderson (guitar/vocals) after jamming on some new song ideas while on tour with The Last Origin, the two began recording the demos for DR in winter of 2019 in Kenny’s bedroom at his parents house. As the music that they wrote expanded further and further out, the scope of the band grew as well. They soon enlisted the help of Brewing Pines members Cameron Frederick (guitar/vocals) and Robby Zurkuhlen (bass). The quartet, as well as friend of the band, Grant Howell, recorded their first batch of songs at La La Land in October of 2020, including their first single “Laser Beam of Consciousness”, with engineer Anne Gauthier. The band spent the rest of 2020 and most of 2021 mixing this batch of songs and adding members Matt Griffith (drums/vocals), Levi Camp (auxiliary/vocals), and William Joiner (keys/trumpet) to fully form the septet. Their first show ever will be on Friday, September 17th at The Enchanted Forest in New Albany at 8pm. DR will appear alongside Villa Mure and honeymack.

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.