Louisville’s Shadwick Wilde, known for his work with rock band Quiet Hollers, is back with his touching solo tune “When All of This is Over.” The song, recorded in one take at Wilde’s home studio at a nearby family farm, is wistfully optimistic, imagining a post-quarantine future. He enlisted the help of Diederik van Wassenaer, who overdubbed a lush string arrangement from his studio in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

“Everywhere, people were saying, ‘well, when all of this is over…’” Wilde shared in a statement. “I heard it so many times, it began to feel like a joke, or perhaps a mantra, both hopeful and meaningless.”

“When All of This is Over” is not the only product of Wilde’s quarantine creativity. In 2020, he recorded three new full albums: one recorded in Nashville and co-produced by former Wilco drummer Ken Coomer, another Wilde recorded in his family farm studio, and, finally, “a collaboration with current and former Quiet Hollers members.” Fans can expect to hear them all before the year is up.

Hear Shadwick Wilde‘s newest single “When All of This is Over,” and watch a live performance of the tune below.