Louisville gem Heidi Howe has returned with a brand new single and video. The new song, “Sorry”, is a personal tune for Howe, who shared how the song was born, and how she created the music video without having to leave her house!

“Not every song I write is personal to my life, but this one is. I wrote Sorry several years ago after a bad break-up. (Shocker, right?) I realized how much of my agency I had given away to this other person. And I got pretty angry when I started to feel like he wanted to end the relationship while retaining at least some of my affection. It felt like he was saying, “I can’t do this, but I still want you to think I’m the bee’s knees.” I started to think, “You really ARE pretty sorry. And I am awesome. Why I am wasting my tears on you?” In all honesty, I’m grateful for this relationship. I got a bunch of songs out of it. Stay tuned. :-)

I made this video recently to keep myself out of trouble. It’s the first video I’ve made that I haven’t been in. I was really fortunate to find the footage I needed online. The good news- I can make a video without leaving my house. The bad news- I can make a video without leaving my house.”

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