Moses Sumney has announced a special new album and film, recorded in one take in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Sumney and his bandmates ventured to western North Carolina to shoot the film, titled Blackalachia, and the accompanying live album Live From Blackalachia. The announcement came with a clip of Sumney’s performance of “Bystanders” from his recent album Græ.

“Over the course of two days, we filmed 14 songs, totally live, the trees as our audience, the grasshoppers our background singers,” Sumney shared in a statement. “Live From Blackalachia is a wild imagining of what can happen when we seek not just to reclaim nature, but to reintegrate with it.”

Live From Blackalachia is set to be released on December 10. View the track list, made of songs from Aromanticism and Græ, along with Moses Sumney‘s performance of “Bystanders” below.

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