WOMBO is a rock trio that features Sydney Chadwick (bass/vox), Cameron Lowe (guitar), and Joel Taylor (drums). They recently released a new song from their upcoming EP called Keesh Mountain on Fire Talk Records which is due on May 28th. Check out the new video for “Dreamsickle”. According to the band:

“Dreamsickle is about the frustrating yet comforting truth that no one can ever see or feel exactly what you experience in a dream. How no amount of explaining can be done to put an image from your dream into someone else’s mind. The visual was roughly based off ‘A Trip to the Moon.’ We wanted a whimsical video that complements the dreamy feeling of the lyrics. Also we wanted something that looked very tactile with the textures of the fabrics and clouds to feel like a children’s story book.”

Laura is the WFPK Assistant Program Director and afternoon host.