The year is 2021, and it honestly does not come as much of a surprise that there is an artificially intelligent robot rapper. The rapper’s name is FN Meka, an AI robot who just released a new single called “Speed Demon.”

“Speed Demon” follows the creation of the songs “Moonwalkin” and “Internet.” While the content of the song doesn’t have any human writers worried for their careers, the track is still surprisingly catchy with an eerily human-sounding FN Meka at the forefront.

A press release stated that FN Meka is powered by Vydia, a platform “which lives in a dimension somewhere between the human world and the virtual world, empowering not only these unique creators, but the teams behind them.”

FN Meka is making impressive rounds on Tiktok, with energetic, but passionless lyrics that seem to strictly be about consumerism. The style falls heavily in the trends of mainstream trap music, and one can almost be convinced that they’re listening to a bad human rapper. Check out “Speed Demon” below.

Otis is the late morning host on WFPK.