Singer/songwriter Earl Bowman recently returned to his hometown of Louisville, KY after living in Alabama while his wife finished Veterinary school. He’s new to the music scene here but has quickly joined the music community by recording and working with fellow Louisville musicians such as Tyler Lance Walker Gill, Chris “Roadie” Rodahaffer, Billy Lease, and Christo Foros with Nate Kremer from The Delta Saints on keys, on a new track called “Slow It Down”. His new song sounds like he’s been at it for a long time but not so. He says he is new to performing and has mostly done open mics around town. We asked him what inspired his new song:

“As far as the inspiration for the song, it was a lot of things. I wrote it right in the middle of the pandemic, which was a crazy time for all of us(obviously). So it’s about the pandemic, politics, and just my day to day struggles with bipolar disorder. It’s about taking a second to “slow it down” when the world is too overwhelming, when it feels like there’s no escape. We all battle mental health problems, and I think a lot of times we seem happy on on the outside, but we’re really having a hard time inside. That’s what it’s about. A fun groove on the outside, but troubles within.”

Welcome back to Louisville Earl and we can’t wait to hear more!

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