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Last month Dawes thrilled fans with the announcement of a forthcoming album. Now we’ve gotten another glimpse of what’s to come!

Misadventures of Doomscroller comes out July 22nd and the band’s latest single is quite the epic, clocking in at almost nine minutes.

Frontman Taylor Goldsmith said of “Everything Is Permanent”:

“This is a song (about how everything about us is tracked, documented, recorded, filed, mined, bought, sold, etc. etc. on some level) that is wrapped around a molten core of a breakdown/freakout/majorminorinterweave that is probably the moment I’m most proud of on the whole record. After showing you the blood and guts, we gently sew the song back together again and end with what could be the tagline for all of social media and the screen-life-culture that we subscribe to these days to varying degrees: ‘Did you really need to cry? Or be seen crying?’”

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