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Kate Siegel on Her Warmup Music for Midnight Mass & The Time Traveler’s Wife

Kate Siegel sits down with Kyle Meredith to talk about her roles in The Time Traveler’s Wife, Midnight Mass, and upcoming The Fall in the House of Usher. The actress discusses the themes of death and mortality that carries through many of her roles, how having children changes your outlook on life, the iconic scream from the boat in Midnight Mass, and the work-life relationship she has with husband Mike Flannigan. Siegel also talks about her music tastes from growing up on a heavy dose of Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, and Alanis Morrisette, using Cardi B and Jennifer Hudson in her warm up music for The Time Traveler’s Wife, and Leonard Cohen, Ben Folds, and BTS in her Midnight Mass playlist. She also reveals which Paul Simon classic would be her “Vecna song” and which Doja Cat track is her character’s #1 go-to song in the upcoming The Fall in the House of Usher.

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Kyle is the WFPK Music Director.