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There’s no sophomore slump with Farm to Table, the new album from Bartees Strange. It’s already on many best-of 2022 lists – including ours! Full of genre-defying songs, one of our favorites is the moving number, “Wretched.” It’s a mix of restrained dream-pop and anthemic power. It’s a personal song of gratitude. Farm to Table is available now digitally via 4AD. Physical formats arrive October 7th.

Bartees shared the story behind “Wretched”:
“This song is about the people who’ve always stood by me, even when I was wretched. When i was trying to be something other than myself – they saw me even through that and held me down. Folks from past lives, and folks who’ll play a big part in my future – I’m grateful for them and the love they’ve poured into me. This song is for and about them.”

“I’ve been messing with this song for a long time and when it all came together November in London last year, I was just like ‘yo, that’s it.’ It was all about getting out of the way, just letting the song rock. We were all on our feet, there was only two of us in the room… so we looking at each other like ‘yo!’ and then after we did it I was like ‘how do we make like six more of these?‘”

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