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Bear’s Den teamed up with Jade Bird on the upbeat new song, “Please Don’t Hide Yourself Away”. It’s one of two collaborations with Bird on the duo’s new soundtrack for season three of the hit Apple TV series, Trying.

Speaking about “Please Don’t Hide Yourself Away”, Bear’s Den said, “The funnest part of making this soundtrack has been the opportunity to reach out and collaborate with other artists and musicians whose music we absolutely love.” “

Today, we’re really excited to be releasing “Please Don’t Hide Yourself Away” featuring the absolutely incredible Jade Bird whose songs we adore and who we’ve always wanted to work with. It’s been a real dream for us and to be honest we enjoyed working with Jade so much, we worked on two songs for this soundtrack together. Here is the first of the two and it’s called “Please Don’t Hide Yourself Away”. 

Jade Bird added, “Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same – watching music come alive in a great story is one of the most rewarding things you can be a part of as an artist; so it was a real privilege to be asked by Bear’s Den to play a role in two of the songs that would become a part of season 3 of ‘Trying’. ‘Please Don’t Hide Yourself Away’ was the first one we worked on together, and I can’t wait for you to hear it.”

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