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Dutch indie pop band Pip Blom (also the name of frontwoman Pip Blom) released their sophomore album Welcome Break this past October. The lead single, “Keep It Together,” is a punchy, feel good pop tune with a powerful chorus.

When talking about the relationship between her brother and bandmate, Tender Blom, Pip said “A very important thing of all the tracks is the dynamic between Tender’s and my vocals. I feel like we really complement each other’s tones. Maybe it’s because we’re siblings, but whatever it is, I love it.”

She continued: “In the chorus of Keep It Together we sing two completely different bits, but it works really well. Tender did a lot of singing for this record, mainly for the choruses and bridges. I really like how with this bridge you’ve got this whole choir of the two of us singing in different keys. It gives it a very dreamy vibe that is nice after the powerful chorus.”

The track is accompanied by an 80s workout-themed video which was directed by Isabelle Griffioen.

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