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Singer/songwriter Joy Oladokun is certainly on a creative roll. We instantly fell in love with her highly-acclaimed 2021 major label debut, ‘in defense of my own happiness.’ Her recent follow up single releases, “Purple Haze,” “Fortune Favors the Bold” and “Keeping the Light On,” have become favorites as well.

Continuing her streak of great songs, she’s teamed up with Kentucky’s own Chris Stapleton on the beautiful new duet, “Sweet Symphony.”

About the track, Oladokun shared, “‘Sweet Symphony’ is a song I wrote about the love that I got to witness my parents share as a kid. It’s about the vulnerability, the fear, and the ups and downs that come from loving someone. Showing all of yourself so that someone else can accept and celebrate you is what it’s all about. I’m excited to have Chris Stapleton on this song not only because he has one of the most iconic voices on the planet, but also, he’s just an incredible songwriter, artist, and instrumentalist. I feel very lucky and honored that he wanted to be part of this song.”

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