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We were certainly taken with British singer/songwriter Nilüfer Yanya’s last song release, “stabilize.” It’s the lead single to her anxiously awaited sophomore album, PAINLESS, due out on March 4th via ATO. We’ve just gotten another preview with “midnight sun,” and we’re loving this hypnotic tune and dreamy video as well!

In a statement about the new track, Yanya says “It’s a song about recognizing what it feels like to be pushed down but wanting to resist. I really like the imagery of ‘midnight sun’ as a lyric as it insinuates a light guiding you through darkness. The wings carry their own symbolism — freedom, lightness, flight, fantasy. If I could pick what people saw and heard it would be seeing the beauty of confrontation and the necessity of rebellion.”

Be sure to watch the video, directed by Molly Daniel, featuring an angel-winged Yanya towering over the city.

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