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Cruel Liars is the debut album from Mightmare, the new solo project created by singer/songwriter River Shook (aka Sarah) of Sarah Shook and the Disarmers. The album was created during pandemic isolation. Shook spent nearly 10 months working on and recording the project at home, and stated, “It’s huge departure from anything I’ve released in the past.”

While Mightmare is actually a band, with the exception of a few additional bass tracks, Shook composed, produced, engineered and played all instruments on the album.

Speaking about the new album, Shook stated, “I created my solo project Mightmare and leaned into it obsessively for the first year of the pandemic and out of that manic fixation came Cruel Liars. I put every cell and strand of my being in this album, I’m proud of it for its brightest moments and its glaring imperfections, for its darkness and its quiet hand guiding me to zeniths of personal truths.”

“My favorite song off of the album is “Cruel Liars,” it’s about materialism, over-consumption, and struggling to relate to a society that’s largely apathetic towards the current climate crisis and the human condition.” It’s one of our favorites too! Cruel Liars is available now on Kill Rock Stars.

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