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Longtime WFPK favorites, The Lone Bellow, have shared their new single, “Gold”. It’s tells a tale of addiction and its devistating impact. It’s the Nashville trio’s first new music since their 2020 album Half Moon Light.

Band guitarist Brian Elmquist commented on the new tune, “Gold” is The Lone Bellow’s first new music since releasing their 2020 album, Half Moon Light. “We don’t ever try to write songs with an agenda, so with ‘Gold’ the idea was to tell the story from the perspective of someone in a hard situation—in this case, a guy who’s stuck in the downward spiral of addiction. We’ve sung ‘Gold’ as a folk song in the past, but for the recording we wanted to really experiment and push our sound as far as it could go.”

The Nashville-based trio also announced their headlining tour dates that include a Louisville at the Bomhard Theater on November 3.

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