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One of our favorite albums of 2021 was The War On Drugs’, “I Don’t Live Here Any More.” They just announced a limited-edition deluxe box set for the record with the release of two unreleased songs, “Oceans of Darkness” and “Slow Ghost.”  Full details about  the box set, available September 30, are in the video below.

Band frontman Adam Granduciel shared the story behind “Oceans Of Darkness,”: “One night in LA, while we were many months into working on what would be I Don’t Live Here Anymore, Dave [Hartley] uncovered a stripped-down demo in my dropbox called ‘Oceans of Darkness,’ and insisted we try recording it.”

He continued, “We were frustrated and exhausted at the time, but we set up in a circle after dinner and worked it out as the tape was rolling. It’s rare that a song of ours could feel this complete after only a few takes, but it had all the desperation and urgency that we had been looking for. Ultimately I didn’t include it on the record because I couldn’t find a home for it among the other songs. We’re happy we can share it with you now.”

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