Sunshine is a five-piece band from Louisville in the wake of the release of their debut album. They describe themselves as an “alternative/experimental/jazz punk band,” and each of those influences can be clearly identified on their new project. The contrasting textures, polyrhythmic song structures, and energetic delivery create a world that is uniquely Sunshine.

Kaden Moore and Brooks Deetsch are the primary songwriters of the group, also serving as guitarists and vocalists. Their sound is completed with Bee Sumner on organ/keys and a rhythm section made of Jake Nevitt and Reeves Outen on bass and drums, respectively.

After flirting with the local music scene for a short time, the group pooled their efforts to create a memorable and exciting new album. It’s available to stream now, and vinyl pressings will be available later this year. Listen to their self-titled debut album below, and catch them at this year’s Poorcastle Festival!

Otis is the late morning host on WFPK.